Sustainable housing, design and technology

Electricity in our homes

AC and DC

In Sustianable Living Homes we generate electricity locally with solar panels in direct current (DC) and store the electricity in batteries (DC).

Traditionnally we generate power in far away plants and transport it in high voltage alternative current (AC) through towerlines to our neighbourhoods and houses. The transportability of AC is the real reason why we use AC in our homes. However most appliances natively use DC current. Think of LED lightning and all electronic devices with their power-adapter.

This is the reason why we use both circuits in Sustainble Living Homes. DC for lighting to prevent losses and standard AC plug for conventional home appliances as fridge or coffemaker.

Electricity plug

You can use all regular home appliances and plug them into the standard plug (110V AC). AC is obtained from DC current with an inverter. We invert the DC power in the batteries to AC.


The lighting is powered by a seperate 24V DC circuit straight out of the batteries. The advantage of 24V DC is that it is safe to touch and there are no conversion losses.

Solar panels

All electricity is generated with solar panels during the day with sunlight and the surplus is stored in batteries. It´s always recommended to use power intensive appliance during the day. It’s a good moment for laundry or some handy man work.


The surplus of solar energy is stored in batteries for night use as lighting and fridge. Batteries store electricity in DC and assure that there is no power spike damaging electronics and provide autonomy in power supply. Also after a hurrican tears down the powerlines, we still have electricity.